Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Who Is MediaRevo?

We have already discussed what MediaRevo is. An accomplished boutique digital firm owned and operated by Jeffrey Tognetti that uses a data-driven platform to successfully run all of its (and its clients’) operations, MediaRevo is a great example of how a start-up can grow with the right business model in place.

Based in Edgewater, NJ., MediaRevo has grown from a two-person start-up - with Jeffrey Tognetti at its helm - into a successful company that focuses on the development of cutting edge WordPress technologies, with a focus on Mobile, Tablet & PC Applications in the automotive niche; in fact, many of MediaRevo's softwares and formulas are currently used by Fortune 500 Companies like Volkswagen USA.

And all of MediaRevo's clients love the results MediaRevo brings them.

"MediaRevo brings clarity to the digital world," raves one client, Dwight Dachnowicz; "You'll be surprised to learn how many opportunities [for digital marketing] are out there after you sit with them.

Another client, Michael McHenry, states that he has had a great relationship with MediaRevo for more than five years, during which time MediaRevo has ensured that a target audience ready to buy from McHenry arrives at his business' doorstep.

Fantastic reviews like these for MediaRevo are made possible by two major factors: Jeffrey Tognetti himself, and a core set of staff – this staff:

Image courtesy of MediaRevo

In addition to these core staff members, MediaRevo employs over 40 sales and support professionals and specialists.

MediaRevo’s entire team, from Jeffrey Tognetti to each individual sales specialist, is committed to delivering cutting edge and savvy digital marketing solutions based on enthusiasm for what these people do. Every person at MediaRevo holds a real understanding of the issues that affect both their clients and their clients’ customers. The team overall always strives to be a trusted extension of their clients’ sales team, producing results that directly and positively impact their business objectives. MediaRevo achieves this through an unwavering commitment to technological innovation, financial responsibility and the entrepreneurial spirit.

It's thanks to MediaRevo's dedicated staff and its owner and director, Jeffrey Tognetti, that the company continues to thrive, offering fantastic customer service while designing and implementing various tools for Search Engine Marketing and Optimization.

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