Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What Makes DealerX Possible?

Our last post discussed Jeffrey Tognetti's autodealer marketing business, DealerX, in-depth; in summary:
  • DealerX is only one of the handful of businesses founded and operated by Jeffrey Tognetti.
  • DealerX is a digital marketing company that focuses specifically on helping autodealers by utilizing cutting edge data-driven digital advertising.
  • DealerX is unusual in the automotive world in that it relies heavily on data – far more than many other automative businesses do – to target an extremely specific demographic.
  • DealerX’s process as “ultraconcise” – its use of data allows its marketers and designers to develop everything they need and to target the right people with the right ads at the right time.
DealerX is a well-organized and well-run business featuring a collective of curated digital solutions tailored to the automotive world; its success lies in that it doesn’t try to be all things to all buyers but rather, a final destination for “bottom of the funnel” in-market buyers of a brand’s used cars.

However, for DealerX – and Tognetti – the autodealer marketing business is not all about the data; it's also all about the right staff. While DealerX is made possible by Jeffrey Tognetti – who even holds sole proprietorship over the company - there is far more to the business' success. For DealerX, it's not just about the data, fancy software, strange algorithms, and insight into the workings of Google - it's about the staff as well.

Tognetti and his staff, all hired and selected specifically by Tognetti himself, are the people who answer phone calls at any time of the day (or night); they are the people who stay and work a weekend shift to finish a last-minute assignment. Without DealerX’s staff, no one would have coded the software, designed the ultraconcise data strategy, or wrote the strange algorithm driving DealerX’s services.

DealerX is a well-staffed, well-run boutique digital firm owned by Jeffrey Tognetti that branched off from another of Tognetti's businesses, Media Revo; both companies have grown from a small two-person company in 2003 into the well organized, thoughtfully run businesses that they are today.

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