Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More On The What, The How & Who Behind WPDLR

In a previous post we explored a few basic facts about the functions of WPDLR, the software and platform that makes up a base for much of what Jeffrey Tognetti and the staff at his two companies do for their clients. To recap, WordPress Dealer, or WPDLR, is a platform that is utilized by select OEMs. WPDLR allows Jeffrey Tognetti and his staff to do exceptional work for the clients that utilize the services of Tognetti’s two marketing boutiques, DealerX and MediaRevo.

So, what else is there to know about the platform?

WPDLR acts as a full ecosystem, creating responsive websites, a dynamic inventory banner ad retargeting system, and sales matching analytics all-in-one. This means that data collection and user tracking – two key parts of the services Tognetti’s companies offer – are only the tip of the list of functions WPDLR provides. WPDLR also allows Tognetti and his team to utilize a number of additional platform and inventory features. This flexibility in WPDLR’s usage gives Jeffrey Tognetti and his staff the ability to do more for their clients. For example, WPDLR allows Tognetti and his staff to create an easily navigable vehicle index, complete with advanced search and payment research options:
Other WPDLR options and abilities include adding tabs and sections to client websites for staff listing and contact info, coupon previews, and more. The result of the power of WPDLR? Lots of satisfied clients.

Of course, it isn’t just the power of WPDLR that gets things done for Tognetti’s clients. And while Tognetti himself is a driving force behind the growth and success of his companies, one man can only do so much in a day. The secret to the success of WPDLR isn’t just how it works: it’s who’s harnessing its power. Behind the scenes, a committed staff comes into work at DealerX and MediaRevo every day with one goal in mind: helping their clients.

(Photo: WPDLR Agency Structure, courtesy of WPDLR)

From Jeffrey Tognetti to each individual sales specialist, the entire team utilizing WPDLR is committed to delivering cutting edge and savvy digital marketing solutions based on enthusiasm for what these people do. Every person involved with WPDLR holds a real understanding of the issues that affect both their clients and their clients’ customers. The team overall always strives to be a trusted extension of their clients’ sales team, producing results that directly and positively impact their business objectives. Tognetti and his staff are the kind of people who answer phone calls at any time of the day (or night); they are the people who stay and work a weekend shift to finish a last-minute assignment.

Remember – when it comes to the power of WPDLR, it isn’t all about the software and platform. While what WPDLR can do is very impressive, the work of Tognetti and his staff is equally so.

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