Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jeffrey Tognetti Offering Keyword Call Tracking Services To Agencies

Have you ever heard of the term "keyword call tracking?"

If not, we're not surprised: these days, the term is being used less often even in digital marketing circles, let alone in the general public. In fact, many companies are opting to focus on social media platforms, keywords and online advertising, instead of investing in keyword call tracking.

Some, however, argue that keyword call tracking still has a place in a marketing strategy; Jeffrey Tognetti believes so strongly in the uses of this tool that he's offering keyword call tracking as part of his agency specific services package on his newest website, Cardealermarketing.com.

While the term may mean very little to those outside of marketing, to Tognetti and his coworkers, keyword call tracking is a valuable tool, designed as a method to combine call tracking (which examines buyer responses to offline marketing via telephone) and keyword tracking (which examines online responses to online marketing efforts).

The design of keyword call tracking came out of a need to track a new development in the Internet age, where more and more people are likely to shop online but then make a purchase or follow up for information via a phone call in today’s society. So, how does it all work?

Keyword call tracking actually allows marketers to link phone calls made to their clients or business with any search terms or keywords that the caller used to access that client's website. As part of the set-up and use of a call tracking service, multiple phone numbers are first assigned to a business, and then assigned to website visitors: different numbers appear on a website depending on what keyword that visitor uses to get to the website.

This means that when a call comes in, marketers can reference the phone number that a website visitor has dialed and find out just what keywords that website user used to get to their website. The data from these calls can then be tracked in various online analytics tools.

When used properly, keyword call tracking reveals more about a company’s callers, loyal shoppers and fans than just off- and online marketing. However, just like with PPC ads, keyword call tracking needs to be used in a very specific way – otherwise search engines may not even recognize your data!

Keyword call tracking fits perfectly into Jeffrey Tognetti’s agency service package, as this technique allows a marketer to measure how well keywords are working in organic, paid (or PPC), and other search results, thereby measuring the effectiveness of their efforts and how certain keywords are influencing their target audience.

Jeffrey Tognetti’s hope is to help agencies avoid the difficulties of faulty keyword call tracking; plus, by offering full marketing service packages, not only do has clients get working call tracking projects; they in fact could get a fully optimized campaign featuring keywords, PPC ads, tracking – and even more features, as we’ll continue to discuss in upcoming blog posts.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Jeffrey Tognetti Offering PPC Services To Agencies

The launch of Cardealermarketing.com signaled coming changes for Jeffrey Tognetti's businesses and practices. Since August - when the site was originally launched - several other sites of Tognetti's have been removed; the old addresses now forward to Cardealermarketing.com - a clear sign that Jeffrey Tognetti is focusing on marketing for auto dealers more than ever before.

However, not all of Cardealermarketing.com is focused on auto dealer assistance; one section of the site highlights a new part of Tognetti's business: offering digital solutions to agencies. In fact, Tognetti's site now offers a wide variety of digital marketing solutions, such as responsive websites, to any agencies looking to use them.

Another service offered through this part of Tognetti's site is pay-per-click advertising, commonly referred to as PPC ads. PPC ads are a part of every Internet users' experience, even if the user doesn't realize the ad they're looking at has a specific name and designation. PPC ads are the ads that appear across the top of or in the side bars of search engines' pages, as well as on a number of websites.

Why are they called pay-per-click ads? Just like the name suggestions, PPC ads are ads that a business only pays for if a user clicks on the ad and is taken to a business' website or related link. This is why when used properly and effectively PPC ads are the most cost-effective form of advertising at this point in time.

Not only are PPC ads designed to appear on popular websites: they also appear specifically in front of people living in certain areas, who meet certain demographic requirements, and who are looking for keywords similar to what are included in an ad, product and services. This means that PPC ads can target a narrow population in a small area - a useful tool for small businesses who cannot afford often more expensive and less targeted forms of advertising.

However, when used incorrectly, PPC ads can be as ineffective and expensive as other forms of advertising. For example, if an ad leads a customer to a badly designed or uninteresting website, a business will be stuck paying for an ad and will have gained nothing back for their efforts. Another issue is that search engines love to refine the algorithms that decide which ads appear the most frequently, or where (i.e. the top, side or bottom of a page). It’s not enough to just run an ad; the person running and monitoring the ad needs to be able to adjust and optimize the ads' content specifically to get the best results possible

These difficulties are just two examples of why Jeffrey Tognetti has begun offering his services to agencies. Tognetti has over 10 years of experience as a digital marketer; PPC ad optimization is truly a daily part of his job. By offering PPCs as part of an agency package, Tognetti is also ensuring that all businesses – not just his clients – have access to the tools they need to run a successful, cost effective digital marketing campaign in the 21st century

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tognetti's Tools Can Help Businesses From Screen To Screen

Image courtesy of commons.wikipedia.com
Where do you browse the web? On your computer? Your phone? Both?

It turns out that these days, almost 2/3 of cell phone owners go online using their phones - and 21 percent of smartphone users use their phones as their main gateway to the Internet. With more and more of the world going mobile and checking the web on the go, marketers need to make sure they're doing everything they can to help businesses be viewable and visible in the 21st century.

One digital marketer is looking to help others in the field by opening and offering his services to agencies across the country. Digital marketer Jeffrey Tognetti launched Cardearlermarketing.com earlier this year as part of his business' re-branding efforts; in addition to offering a variety of client-related services, the website features an entire section featuring a full suite of cutting edge digital solutions that can help marketers and agencies improve their clients’ online marketing results.

Just one of the options offered on Tognetti's website is a package that can assist in responsive website building - a key tool any marketer needs in a day and age where more and more people are surfing the web and doing business from their phones.

Responsive websites address the needs of mobile users while simultaneously keeping a website viewable from a main computer as well. In fact, a responsive website can be viewed not only from laptop computers and on mobile phones, but on tablets and larger desktop computers as well.

 The reason this works? Responsive websites are websites designed specifically to give any user the best experience on that website, from any device. This is made possible by the inclusion of “media queries” – codes that allow a website to call up different views of a website based on the width of a viewer’s device’s width - in a responsive website's coding.

This ability to adjust a website's viewing options just by recognizing the size of the device the site is being viewed on is what makes the responsive website so important in a day and age where everyone is using mobile technology that comes in a wide range of sizes. In fact, this wide range of sizes is exactly why responsive websites are better than simply shrinking a website down when designing it. It's better to invest in a flexible template than to potentially drive away viewers with a poor design.

Responsive websites are necessary tools for businesses in the 21st century - and are also just the beginning of the tools Jeffrey Tognetti is offering to agencies in this digital age.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Agencies Should Take Advantage Of Tognetti’s Assistance And Tools

After ten years of operating two digital marketing companies, it’s safe to say that Jeffrey Tognetti is no stranger to the digital marketing landscape. Tognetti is well known for staying on top of the newest marketing trends, as well as for inventing some tools of his own along the way.

One example of Jeffrey Tognetti’s tools is his newest website, Cardealermarketing.com; the site operates as a front line for DealerX, a digital marketing boutique run by Tognetti that specializes in making auto dealers more visible online.

Recently, as Tognetti has begun offering a number of tools to agencies that would allow other agencies to improve their own clients’ results, Cardealermarketing.com has also begun hosting a full suite of cutting edge digital solutions that Tognetti is offering for agency use:

Each part of this comprehensive suite, once purchased, would offer a different benefit to a client in the digital marketing world:

-Responsive websites allow clients to creative responsive web sites, i.e. sites built to look great on your tablet, your phone, or your wide screen monitor.

-Premium PPCs, or Pay Per Click Ads via Google and Bing, give clients the best visibility via advertising

-Keyword call tracking identifies the best keywords that a client should use – best meaning the most likely to get people to pick up the phone.

-Web Analytics will help a company know what’s working, what needs to be improved on, and who in their target audience they need to reach out to even more

-Data driven marketing solutions – a combination of collecting and connecting large amounts of data – allow clients to analyze and gain insight into the audience and market they are working in.

Tognetti has also ensured that these tools will allow agencies to implement each program in this suite while maintaining its original branding and relationships; this smooth integration would result in a better campaign overall.

Any one of these tools will give an agency a competitive edge; Tognetti, however, hopes that agencies will take the chance to use each of these packages to enhance their entire marketing plan.

Stay tuned to read more about how each part of this suite actually works, and how these five tools would benefit any agency that uses them.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Merging Websites Show Direction of Tognetti's Businesses

Earlier this year, it seemed as if Jeffrey Tognetti was stretching himself thinner and thinner as he expanded both his services and the tools he could use to help his clients reach their goals.

His leadership in the world of digital marketing had already led to him founding two digital marketing boutiques, MediaRevo and DealerX, in the early 2000s. Eventually, he also began working on WordPress Dealer, an open source powered app-like plugin that enhanced what he could do for his automotive clients.

Then, in early 2013, Cardearlermarketing.com appeared; for a while, this was the fourth of Tognetti's existing business sites. Seeing as Tognetti is involved with a number of organizations as a charitable contributor as well, it meant that the number of projects he had involved himself in throughout his life at the time was quite massive.

Now, though, it seems as if Tognetti has begun the process of streamlining his life - or at least his businesses and brand.

As of October 2013, the old links for MediaRevo and DealerX’s websites are forwarding users directly to Cardealermarketing.com, Tognetti’s newest business project. Once at Cardealermarketing.com, signs of Tognetti's old businesses appear - for example, the logo for DealerX, Tognetti’s autodealer-focused digital marketing boutique, is in the corner of Cardealermarketing.com.

After 10 years of business management and working with a wide variety of clients, it would appear that Tognetti has chosen to focus on autodealers while continuing to offer some services to agencies.

The decision makes sense if one knows Tognetti's background; digital marketing for autodealers has always been Tognetti’s specialty, a much needed service in the auto world.

Additionally, combining all of his services into one site, rather than trying to promote three at once, is a smart strategy that will quell the chaos of his non-linked websites; having all of Tognetti's resources linked together in one location can only help his business overall by giving it a stronger, more unified presence online.

While things may be changing for Tognetti’s businesses, those changes appear to be positive overall; it will be interesting to see how the combination of three websites and use of an automotive-oriented tool helps Tognetti's clients overall and assists in his ability to recruit new clients down the line.

Friday, October 18, 2013

WellMade Project: Its Website Is Live & Its Programs Are Receiving Praise

What do the Berlin Ethical Fashion Show, the MINT fair during Amsterdam Fashion Week, the Munich Fabric Start trade show, the London Garments Expo and Texworld Paris all have in common?

They are all locations where volunteers and staff from the Fear Wear Foundation have presented information related to their newest initiative, the WellMade Project.

Image courtesy of the WellMade Project
If it wasn’t already obvious, the Fear Wear Foundation has definitely been busy this year. In addition to continuing their annual projects related to improving labor conditions in the garment industry, they have also been working overtime to launch and successfully carry out the beginnings of their WellMade Project; this project aims to combine speeches at events with making information available online, ultimately helping everyone from employees to business owners improve the garment industry’s labor conditions throughout the entire supply chain.

During the summer, the Fair Wear Foundation approached U.S. business owner Jeffrey Tognetti about donating a URL that was under his name at the time but which would be perfect for the project: www.wellmade.org. Tognetti donated this URL willingly in the early summer of 2013; as a result, the project continued as planned.

While to many the donation of a URL seems minor and trite, the reality is that this URL truly belongs with the WellMade Project, and will provide a wonderful service to many as the project continues. Currently, the WellMade Project’s staff and volunteers are attending trade shows, fashion shows, and expos across Europe; they’re planning as far ahead as January, promoting their session at the PSI Messe Düsseldorf European trade and encouraging employers and all of those in the fashion and garment industry to attend.

Of course, while the speeches that the staff and volunteers give are all extremely important, they do not typically address those directly affected by poor labor conditions in the garment industry.

That’s where the website comes in; by providing an entire library of resources – including legal documents, the names of groups that can help, and pamphlets explaining what an individual’s rights are and that poor labor conditions should not be tolerated – anyone with Internet access can find the information they need to make a difference in their lives.

This website would not be complete without the WellMade Project’s sessions, but at the same time, the WellMade Project’s sessions would be incomplete without having a website, made entirely free and available to all. We wish nothing but the best to the members of this wonderful project as they move forward into the future, continuing to give presentations as well as updating the website with the newest, up to date information and resources for those looking to make a positive change in the garment industry.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tognetti's New Service Helps Car Dealers Become Visible Online

As the cardealermarketing.com Beta version website undergoes final edits, the banners across the front of the website are being replaced, including one that once read, "Every click counts." While the banner may be gone, this idea remains 100% true; it's why Jeffrey Tognetti and his staff work to ensure that the data driven marketing campaigns they develop for their car dealer clients in particular are as refined as possible - to ensure that the right people are seeing the right ads at the right time.

With so many great features being made available via the new platform and website, such as the Website Development feature, it's easy to forget the number one step in any marketing campaign: being made visible.

This is no small feat when dealing with the Internet; there are tens of millions of websites, blogs and portals dedicated to the auto industry alone. Across those websites and countless blogs are billions of similar keywords and keyword phrases, many of which are describing, reviewing or trying to sell cars, parts and services - just like Tognetti's clients.

Fortunately, Tognetti and his team know exactly how to make their clients as visible as possible on Google, Bing or Yahoo. The trick is in SEO marketing, or search engine optimization marketing, which Tognetti and his team utilize very effectively.

When helping clients optimize their website and social platforms for SEO Optimizing Software, Tognetti and his team turn to their WordPress powered platform, WPDLR. This platform actually allows for various 3rd party integration of SEO plug-ins, all tried and tested across millions of other websites. WPDLR ensures that the content for a client of Tongetti's is properly detailed across every page of their site to the search engines.

Making sure that the correct information and content is used ultimately ensures that the precise information that Search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo! and more need to improve the display of search results is submitted and live, making it easier for people using these search engines to find the right web pages - i.e. the ones belonging to Tognetti's clients.

By combining the use of WPDLR with cardealermarketing.com, Tognetti is promising his car dealer clients a better, smoother service - one that is more effective while also saving money in the long run.