Friday, November 15, 2013

Jeffrey Tognetti Offering PPC Services To Agencies

The launch of signaled coming changes for Jeffrey Tognetti's businesses and practices. Since August - when the site was originally launched - several other sites of Tognetti's have been removed; the old addresses now forward to - a clear sign that Jeffrey Tognetti is focusing on marketing for auto dealers more than ever before.

However, not all of is focused on auto dealer assistance; one section of the site highlights a new part of Tognetti's business: offering digital solutions to agencies. In fact, Tognetti's site now offers a wide variety of digital marketing solutions, such as responsive websites, to any agencies looking to use them.

Another service offered through this part of Tognetti's site is pay-per-click advertising, commonly referred to as PPC ads. PPC ads are a part of every Internet users' experience, even if the user doesn't realize the ad they're looking at has a specific name and designation. PPC ads are the ads that appear across the top of or in the side bars of search engines' pages, as well as on a number of websites.

Why are they called pay-per-click ads? Just like the name suggestions, PPC ads are ads that a business only pays for if a user clicks on the ad and is taken to a business' website or related link. This is why when used properly and effectively PPC ads are the most cost-effective form of advertising at this point in time.

Not only are PPC ads designed to appear on popular websites: they also appear specifically in front of people living in certain areas, who meet certain demographic requirements, and who are looking for keywords similar to what are included in an ad, product and services. This means that PPC ads can target a narrow population in a small area - a useful tool for small businesses who cannot afford often more expensive and less targeted forms of advertising.

However, when used incorrectly, PPC ads can be as ineffective and expensive as other forms of advertising. For example, if an ad leads a customer to a badly designed or uninteresting website, a business will be stuck paying for an ad and will have gained nothing back for their efforts. Another issue is that search engines love to refine the algorithms that decide which ads appear the most frequently, or where (i.e. the top, side or bottom of a page). It’s not enough to just run an ad; the person running and monitoring the ad needs to be able to adjust and optimize the ads' content specifically to get the best results possible

These difficulties are just two examples of why Jeffrey Tognetti has begun offering his services to agencies. Tognetti has over 10 years of experience as a digital marketer; PPC ad optimization is truly a daily part of his job. By offering PPCs as part of an agency package, Tognetti is also ensuring that all businesses – not just his clients – have access to the tools they need to run a successful, cost effective digital marketing campaign in the 21st century


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