Friday, October 25, 2013

Agencies Should Take Advantage Of Tognetti’s Assistance And Tools

After ten years of operating two digital marketing companies, it’s safe to say that Jeffrey Tognetti is no stranger to the digital marketing landscape. Tognetti is well known for staying on top of the newest marketing trends, as well as for inventing some tools of his own along the way.

One example of Jeffrey Tognetti’s tools is his newest website,; the site operates as a front line for DealerX, a digital marketing boutique run by Tognetti that specializes in making auto dealers more visible online.

Recently, as Tognetti has begun offering a number of tools to agencies that would allow other agencies to improve their own clients’ results, has also begun hosting a full suite of cutting edge digital solutions that Tognetti is offering for agency use:

Each part of this comprehensive suite, once purchased, would offer a different benefit to a client in the digital marketing world:

-Responsive websites allow clients to creative responsive web sites, i.e. sites built to look great on your tablet, your phone, or your wide screen monitor.

-Premium PPCs, or Pay Per Click Ads via Google and Bing, give clients the best visibility via advertising

-Keyword call tracking identifies the best keywords that a client should use – best meaning the most likely to get people to pick up the phone.

-Web Analytics will help a company know what’s working, what needs to be improved on, and who in their target audience they need to reach out to even more

-Data driven marketing solutions – a combination of collecting and connecting large amounts of data – allow clients to analyze and gain insight into the audience and market they are working in.

Tognetti has also ensured that these tools will allow agencies to implement each program in this suite while maintaining its original branding and relationships; this smooth integration would result in a better campaign overall.

Any one of these tools will give an agency a competitive edge; Tognetti, however, hopes that agencies will take the chance to use each of these packages to enhance their entire marketing plan.

Stay tuned to read more about how each part of this suite actually works, and how these five tools would benefit any agency that uses them.

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