Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Merging Websites Show Direction of Tognetti's Businesses

Earlier this year, it seemed as if Jeffrey Tognetti was stretching himself thinner and thinner as he expanded both his services and the tools he could use to help his clients reach their goals.

His leadership in the world of digital marketing had already led to him founding two digital marketing boutiques, MediaRevo and DealerX, in the early 2000s. Eventually, he also began working on WordPress Dealer, an open source powered app-like plugin that enhanced what he could do for his automotive clients.

Then, in early 2013, Cardearlermarketing.com appeared; for a while, this was the fourth of Tognetti's existing business sites. Seeing as Tognetti is involved with a number of organizations as a charitable contributor as well, it meant that the number of projects he had involved himself in throughout his life at the time was quite massive.

Now, though, it seems as if Tognetti has begun the process of streamlining his life - or at least his businesses and brand.

As of October 2013, the old links for MediaRevo and DealerX’s websites are forwarding users directly to Cardealermarketing.com, Tognetti’s newest business project. Once at Cardealermarketing.com, signs of Tognetti's old businesses appear - for example, the logo for DealerX, Tognetti’s autodealer-focused digital marketing boutique, is in the corner of Cardealermarketing.com.

After 10 years of business management and working with a wide variety of clients, it would appear that Tognetti has chosen to focus on autodealers while continuing to offer some services to agencies.

The decision makes sense if one knows Tognetti's background; digital marketing for autodealers has always been Tognetti’s specialty, a much needed service in the auto world.

Additionally, combining all of his services into one site, rather than trying to promote three at once, is a smart strategy that will quell the chaos of his non-linked websites; having all of Tognetti's resources linked together in one location can only help his business overall by giving it a stronger, more unified presence online.

While things may be changing for Tognetti’s businesses, those changes appear to be positive overall; it will be interesting to see how the combination of three websites and use of an automotive-oriented tool helps Tognetti's clients overall and assists in his ability to recruit new clients down the line.

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